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I am writing to urge you to join me in supporting the amazing Mary Jane Burke who is running for re-election as Marin County Superintendent of Schools on Election Day, June 5, 2018.

This extraordinary educator and school superintendents has made Marin County into one of our state’s leaders by bringing educational opportunity to all students irrespective of their country of origin, their first language spoken at home, their economic circumstances or their educational needs.

Since 2013, Mary Jane has led the effort to raise $3 million for the Schools Rule initiative which is the single largest contributor to the funding of arts, music and counseling programs for our county’s children.

She has fought for Marin’s immigrant students – our dreamers – and their families by giving them access to legal workshops, trainings and partnerships with community agencies. 

And, she has been a pioneer in the effort to expand quality preschool so that it reaches every child in Marin County.

Please join me in stepping up in this critical time to help Mary Jane Burke by donating now, endorsing or volunteering on her campaign.  You can also help by talking to all your friends and neighbors online and in-person!

Thank you for your support and, together, we can continue to build an educational system here in Marin County that benefits all children and their families. Jared Huffman, U.S. Congressman, 2nd District


Mary Jane always keeps kids first. She has experience, intellect and compassion. Kandee Adams


I am proud to stand with Mary Jane Burke for reelection. Her creation of Schools Rule has changed the face of Marin education. Mary Jane deserves Marin's support. Judy Arnold, Supervisor, Marin County


I endorse Mary Jane Burke because of her passion for equity of all children. You could not get a better person for County  Superintendent. Judith Arrow


Mary Jane is a tireless advocate for ALL kids in Marin County! Amy Baer


Mary Jane Burke is an outstanding leader, educator and person. She is committed to all children in Marin County and brings intelligence, integrity, and compassion to her position. With her years of experience and service Mary Jane has facilitated connections between professionals, agencies and families to find solutions and build a strong community for all children. Lisa Barry-Mathews, Former Trustee, Reed Union School District


Mary Jane Burke works hard for all of our children. She is trustworthy and passionate. We need her - please vote! Robin Joy Berenson


Mary Jane Burke is an committed educator who works hard and cares deeply for all our children, families and communities - a true visionary leader! Tracey Bobo


I have known Mary Jane for 20 years and have always been in awe of her energy, honesty, professionalism, kindness, and relentless love and focus on making our schools the best they can be. I whole heartedly support Mary Jane! Our schools need her vision! Boo Boero


Chapter #327 of the California School Employees Association enthusiastically endorses Mary Jane Burke for Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Her respectful manner and ability to listen, respond and work collaboratively with the Classified staff of the Marin County Office of Education is deeply appreciated. CSEA's mission to improve the lives of our members, students and community parallels Mary Jane's ongoing commitment of service to all. Chapter #327 California School Employees Association


I have know Mary Jane for over 40 years having first met her when she was a teacher for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has never forgotten the students and their families and continues to keep in touch with them. She has been steadfast over the years In her advocacy for and support of inclusion for all students regardless of cultural, economic and academic differences. She knows the strengths and challenges of this county and has built partnerships and trust among her constituents, colleagues and policy makers. I can’t imagine anyone else more qualified as Marin County Superintendent of Schools than Mary Jane. Chris Bonfiglio


Mary Jane Burke has always worked tirelessly for our kids and our kids show it. I'll always have her back. Megan Brizzolara R.N.


Mary Jane Burke is an extraordinary leader who always puts the best interests of our students first. Her leadership has been transformative. Travis Brownley, Head of School, Marin Academy


As a teacher, Mary Jane Burke has always supported the education of my students. Her leadership and support are important parts of our robust program. We should all thank her for being a leader to all of our students and families. Timothy Bucy


Mary Jane is an incredible leader. She cares deeply about the children, families and communities she serves. We are lucky to have her in Marin County. Meg & Ramon Cadiz


Mary Jane Burke's leadership and influence on our school districts' success is unequaled in California. I support her now and in the future as the Superintendent of Marin County Schools. Eric Call


Another teacher who appreciates Mary Jane Burke's dedication to our schools and students!! Nicole Camarda


I have known Mary Jane Burke since before she held this position as Superintendent . I have always admired her dedication to all children as well as her enthusium and long hours of support to all non-profit organization's working to Ensure Marin is the healthiest and safest possible place to live for all of us. I Strongly encourage you to VOTE For MARY JANE BURKE for Superintendent of School's! Joan Capurro, Community & Business Advocate


Mary Jane Burke is the ultimate visionary, leader and supporter of ALL students in Marin County. Mary Jane serves to continually inspire those around her to learn more, become more and to always strive to achieve excellence. Marin County MUST vote for Mary Jane Burke to serve ALL students and to remain Superintendent of Schools. Kimberly Chandler


I cannot think of a better candidate than Mary Jane Burke. Her in depth knowledge of both Marin County and education is unparalleled. Her passion for her work and her students is contagious and it calls people to action, and drives results. She is a creative, problem-solver, that doesn't give up. I have had the good fortune to work closely with her on furthering education in Marin County and she is one of a kind and an inspiration to me, personally. Mike Christian, Toyota Marin


I believe Mary Jane has been a true asset to Marin County Schools. I will support her in the future to continue as the leader of our community schools. Kathleen Clancy


I wholeheartedly endorse Mary Jane for Superintendent in 2018! Barbara Coler, Vice Mayor of the Town of Fairfax


Mary Jane has stood for excellence for the many years she has served our county schools and the staffs and children! She has seen us through so many changes, always with the welfare of our county's children being her paramount concern. We are so fortunate that someone so dedicated continues to want to dedicate her life to improving education in Marin! Please give your vote to Mary Jane Burke in 2018! Winnie Coleman


Mary Jane Burke has been an absolute inspiration for me and my family. As an exec member of Dedication to Special Education, I can say that she is committed to our kids and cares deeply about strong education for ALL kids in Marin County. She does her job with genuine, tireless love and passion. She fights to make sure kids with special needs have a voice and have fair and equal opportunities in education. I could not imagine Marin County schools without her backbone, support and leadership. I whole heartedly endorse Mary Jane Burke. Kira Cordasco


We are honored to endorse Mary Jane who has been an incredible partner and advocate for students and their families throughout West Marin and the entire County of Marin. Mary Jane has been a champion of public school/community partnerships throughout her tenure as our Superintendent of Schools. We look forward to our continued work with Mary Jane and strongly support her re-election. Dave Cort


Cannot imagine anyone else who can do this job with such poise and fervor! Happy and proud to endorse! Tara Costello


NO ONE will advocate for and support special needs students in Marin better than Mary Jane Burke. We need to keep her in office. Spread the word! Michelle Cotton


Mary Jane has led our County with heart and purpose for many years. I have worked with her in several capacities on innovative solutions for our public schools, and I am always impressed with the energy and thoughtful intelligence she brings to the benefit of all our students in Marin County. I strongly support Mary Jane Burke for Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Cyane Dandridge


The Dixie Teachers' Association is proud to endorse Mary Jane Burke for County Superintendent. The teachers of the Dixie School District believe in her unwavering commitment to education as well as her support and encouragement of all educators and students. Dixie Teachers' Association DTA


MJ is a proactive Superintendent with a conscience who cares about the youth in our County, both in and out of the classroom. Laurie Dubin


Marin County Educators Association (MCEA) local union chapter for Marin County Office of Education supports and endorses Mary Jane Burke for Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Mary Jane's dedication and understanding of all students and their unique needs make her the only choice for the role of Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Marin County Educators Association (MCEA)


Having two daughters go through the Novato school district, one with special needs, our whole family endorses Mary Jane. She is one of the most energetic and compassionate people I have ever met. Mary Jane gets things done for all students. Leonette Eide


A VOTE for Mary Jane is a vote for let's get it done NOW! My husband and I put two girls through our Marin public school system and they went on to graduate from 4 year colleges. Our girls are now successful business professionals working in the Financial District of SF. We, as a family, accomplished this under Mary Jane's leadership as our Superintendent of Schools. In these challenging times of alternate facts, stepped back statements and fake news we need to make the correct choice! Vote for Mary Jane Burke! Laura Eipp, Parent


Mary Jane Burke has my full endorsement to be re-elected as Superintendent of our Marin County Schools! Her knowledge, dedication and commitment speak volumes to the many contributions she's accomplished for our schools. In these challenging, changing times we need her expertise now more than ever. VOTE FOR MARY JANE! Thomas Eipp


I endorse Mary Jane Burke for Marin County Superintendent of Schools!! Marc Elias


She has served with great distinction over the years....there is no reason to change a winning approach! Daniel Engel


Every single interaction I have with Mary Jane makes me want to lead harder, give more, take less, and keep students at the center of EVERY single thing we do! Amy Fadeji


Mary Jane is the best thing to happen to Marin County students!  Carol Farrer


Thank you for your extraordinary service to all students and families in Marin County! You rule :) !  Jim Farley


Mary Jane Burke is passionate leader for children and their education! Sue Field


Educating kids is not easy and the challenges are many. But if we are to succeed, it will only be on the backs of unbridled optimism and unparalleled enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. Because Mary Jane has both of those qualities and the credibility to engage with educators and policy makers at every level, I am proud to call myself a supporter. Marin is, and always has been, very lucky to have her. Robert Firpo


I wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Burke. She has dedicated many years her life to public education and is a strong advocate of the education of our young people. Arthur Fogelman


Mary Jane makes every decision with every child in Marin County in mind. She has great vision for what could be, and also brings practical experience in getting the job done. I heartily endorse her for Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Katy Foster


Mary Jane Burke supports all Marin's children. We support Mary Jane. Alice Fredericks


As a long-time resident of Marin County, our children attended Sun Valley Elementary, Davidson Middle, and San Rafael High schools. Mary Jane Burke has been a tireless advocate for students, parents, teachers and staff to provide the best educational opportunities and outcomes possible. My family supports Ms. Burke in her work and encourage voters to ensure that she continues to serve.  Tim Gilbert


Mary Jane is simply the most enthusiastic, energetic, committed, qualified candidate to promote excellence in education for all of Marin's children. Nancy Gilmour


Mary Jane Burke has been a great advocate for all students in Marin so I'm honor to endorse her.  Miguel Godoy


She cares about teachers, students, and families! Kim Goodhope


I have known Mary Jane for 30 years and watched the great job she did with the county school district. She has done a great job working with and integrating the greater community to support and work with the schools. As a board member for the Marin Athletic program she has done a wonderful job in helping us support the Student Athletes in Marin County. Thank you Mary Jane! Michael Gorton


I have known and worked with and for Mary Jane for 40 years. Marin is so very fortunate to have someone as skilled and committed as Mary Jane.  David Green


Can think of no one better to lead Marin County's Educational future! Wolf Gutscher


Mary Jane is a highly professional individual with the appropriate experience to handle the Marin County schools. Veronica Hand 


Marin with our Mary Jane Burke just makes sense. Our kids are safe in their education. And that is ALL KIDS ARE SAFE. Education is the key to equity. Mary Jane Burke ensures that. Jacqueline Janssen


Mary Jane has been a true champion in the cause of ensuring equitable educational opportunity for all of Marin County's school children. Her knowledge and experience are invaluable assets in guiding the County's many school districts and obtaining the resources to best serve the needs of our diverse student populations. Barbara Killey


I strongly endorse Mary Jane Burke for Marin County School Superintendent. Her vast knowledge and experience has contributed to the success of the schools in Marin County. Her continued presence will help the schools work collaboratively on solutions to strengthen the safety and academic achievements of all students. Mary Jane's commitment to Marin County is evident in the way she works with all schools. Mary Jane is needed in Marin County to continue to create a healthy environment for students in K-12 schools.  Linda Henn


Mary Jane is CRITICAL to the success of Marin County schools and communities. Thank you!  Christine Hildebrand


Mary Jane Burke has been a strong advocate for all Marin County students for many years. She has had a strong focus on those with special needs and puts our students first. Mary Jane has also encouraged teachers to create new learning opportunities for students outside of the class room to enhance experiential education. Her energy and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. Eileen Jensen


Mary Jane Burke is a very hard worker who has done a wonderful job as Superintendent and deserves to be re-elected. David Karp


Mary Jane Burke is an advocate for all kids in the county. Through every tragedy and celebration, MJB has led Marin County with grace, humility and heart. We need Mary Jane Burke more than ever to ensure that every child, family and educator in the county works together to support an outstanding public school education. Chi Kim, Former Superintendent of Ross School District


Strong support for a strong incumbent candidate with great service to Marin County. David Kunhardt


An exceptional person who has, and continues to do an exceptional job for all Marin County students. Thank you Mary Jane. Antonia Lee


I support and believe in the work that Mary Jane Burke is doing for our kids and for our community. Christina Lunde


Mary Jane understands that education is about opportunity. She is helping us navigate this challenging era by ensuring our schools provide that opportunity to every student. She is a fantastic leader, and a great partner for Dominican University and all of higher education, ensuring that students and teachers find avenues for success in school, in college, and beyond.  Mary Marcy, President, Dominican University


I have been a classroom teacher in Marin County for 15 years. Mary Jane Burke has always shown all of the teachers the utmost courtesy and respect. She holds the children she serves with that same respect and kindness. She has a passion for what she does and we will be lucky to have her continue in this capacity! (BTW - We are HAPPY to have a campaign sign for Mary Jane posted in our front yard!) Mary Marshall


Mary Jane Burke has a proven track record of working on behalf of all our District's kiddos. She's tireless and dedicated. She has my vote. Kyri McClellan


Mary Jane has done a wonderful job. She is so enthusiastic and really loves her job and the children. Vicki McDill


Mary Jane Burke is a national treasure and we in Marin as so very fortunate to have such an energetic, capable, courageous and progressive leader as Superintendent of Schools. Words cannot adequately express the appreciation I have for the leadership and commitment you have demonstrated to improving the lives children, families and the entire community over the years. Thanks you. Larry Meredith, Former Director, Marin County Health & Human Services


Marin students have a true champion in Mary Jane Burke. I wholeheartedly endorse her reelection as County Superintendent. Rosemary Morgan


She the perfect superintendent, experience, commitment and knowledge. Michael Morrissey


We have known Mary Jane for over 40 years. She is an amazing leader with so much energy and passion for her job. Terry Nevin


Mary Jane has the knowledge, skills, experience and passion to lead Marin County's schools into the future! Joe OHehir


I have had the opportunity to work as an educational leader in six counties in this glorious state. I can say, unequivocally, that Mary Jane is one of the best leaders and most effective county superintendents. She provides the resources and support for districts to implement innovative programs to close the achievement gap. She is a tireless advocate for students and families. Valerie Pitts, Former Superintendent, Larkspur-Corte Madera School District


I have worked with Mary Jane Burke in my board role with Marin County School Volunteers and we could not ask for a better person to continue in the role she is fulfilling so competently. Kevin Poole


I have worked with and volunteered with Mary Jane Burke for over 20 years. She has always put the children's interests first. We should make sure she has the support she needs to finish the great work she has started. Roger Powelson


Mary Jane has always been supportive of my community efforts for environmental outreach and education to our public school students, including Audubon Adventures and the science march.  Ruth Pratt


As a dad my family and kids were always assisted uplifted and helped by my amazing friend and great education leader . We support Mary Jane and have been blessed and grateful to her for loving ,connected leadership. Mike Pritchard Family


Mary Jane Burke works tirelessly to improve the education of our county's children, parents, staff and community. She steps up to every issue and responds with compassion and action. Alissa Ralston


Mary Jane has always been open and willing to hear others concerns and advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves.  Sandra Ramirez Griggs


Mary Jane's passion and leadership is unrivaled in this community. She has my support in her continued efforts to ensure ALL children have an equal chance at a successful future. Heather Ravani


Mary Jane was an amazing supporter of my daughter, Alexa Sprotte, our special needs daughter, during her school years. I’ve never met anyone as committed as Mary Jane, to doing the right thing for the children and their families! Terry Recht


The teachers of the Reed District Teachers Association endorse Mary Jane Burke for Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Reed District Teachers Association Teachers Association


I have known and enjoyed the support and validation of Mary Jane Burke for many years. In my 18 years working as a principal in Marin county, first at Bahia Vista and now at Venetia Valley School (since 2012), she has been the constant who has taken the time to visit my school and learn about our instructional and family engagement programming. She is also consistently the first to offer congratulations and encouragement for the progressive achievement we make each year. Mary Jane recognizes this as transformational change and hopes to see it emulated throughout the county. Thus, she creates bridges between communities and districts throughout Marin to generate collaborations and the sharing of best practices. We value this effort to reach more students and gladly provide tours and mentorship. Mary Jane also understands and believes in the importance of community based schools, manifested in site based Family Centers. Through her support, the Venetia Valley Family Center instituted a Madres Con Poder program that helps our moms recognize and flex their power as change agents. In this increasingly anti-immigrant climate, this is more important than ever. I would not have been able to realize my vision, without Mary Jane Burke. Juan Rodriguez, Principal, Venetia Valley School


Mary Jane Burke represents everything that is right with the world of education. Her positive impact on Marin County schools makes this community a wonderful place to live, work, and raise families. I wholeheartedly endorse Mary Jane Burke, as she possesses the leadership skills, insight, and warmth that is needed from a Superintendent. Josh Rosenberg


As a 27 year veteran of the Novato Unified School District, and the Novato Federation of Teachers Elementary Vice-President for over 10 years, I strongly support the reelection of Mary Jane Burke as Superintendent of Marin County Schools. Mary Jane possesses the vision, experience, compassion and knowledge to continue to make sure that all Marin students are learning and achieving at high levels. Mary Jane is supportive of teachers in the county and a very effective communicator. But most importantly, Mary Jane Burke strives to make important personal connections with students, families and staff that underlies what she values as the most critical part of her job, those interpersonal relationships which build community and strengthen academic achievement.  Fran Rozoff


Mary Jane Burke is committed to helping all students be successful in Marin County schools. LIishwara Ryaru


Mary Jane is one of our best and has been committed to keeping our schools amazing. She is very effective and excellent at her Post. She is a natural leader and a shining example of a good human. We need her good and string leadership, and outer community will continue to benefit as long as she is involved. Mary Jane is simply the BEST!  Crystal Schyadre


Mary Jane Burke leads with integrity and is deeply committed to seeing all children, from all walks of life, benefit from a powerful public education in Marin County. Eric Saibel, Principal, Hall Middle School


Mary Jane is an exceptional woman who is the embodiment of leadership, intelligence and one who has a deep understanding of our school systems. She is a quick study and always has kept abreast of changes in school policy. I find her an exceptional, motivated, and committed leader. I would urge people to look at her outstanding record of service and to lend her their support. Trudie Behr Scott, Former Trustee, Shoreline Unified School District


There is no one more qualified for this position. Mary Jane truly cares for our students and schools. We are blessed to have her working for us. Leigh Shemaria


Mary Jane Burke works tirelessly for our children by making every connection possible to ensure that they are next generation leaders - all of them.  Judi Shils


It is an honor to endorse Mary Jane Burke for Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Mary Jane has dedicated herself to the education of all Marin students throughout her career. She is an outstanding advocate for public education in California. Gail Siegel


I have known Mary Jane for 35 years and deeply appreciate her commitment to all students, personal decency and integrity, and the intelligence and 'heart' she brings to her work. Lawrence Siegel, Esq., Fulbright Specialist


Mary Jane has our children and youth's best interest first and foremost. Priorities are clear with Mary Jane. Mary Jane continues to have my support to continue as our County Superintendent for Schools. Mary Ann Sinkkonen


Working for Mary Jane continues to be an honor. She models for all of us the need to keep student needs at the center of what we do each day. Eileen Smith


Natural leader, excellent listener, grounded personality. I worked with and for Mary Jane for over 30 years as a teacher and she made me feel supported and valued in my role. She is a SUPER-INTENDENT. Mikal Smith


I worked for the Marin County Board of Supervisors for close to 21 years and was able to see numerous presentations by Mary Jane regarding programs in Marin that help children every day. I know she genuinely cares about our kids and wishes to support them in every way she can.  Patrice Stancato


I've admired MaryJane's dedication and successes for the last 41 years and I unhesitatingly ask you to cast your vote for her this year. Pati Stoliar, RN


Mary Jane understands and supports the needs of all students.  Melinda Stuart


Mary Jane Burke, we appreciate all that you have done over the years on behalf of the children in Marin. I fully support you!! Thanks, Tenisha Tate, Asst. Principal, Hall Middle School


Having served as President of the Dixie School Board, I found Mary Jane Burke to be an excellent County Superintendent and responsive to the needs of teachers, administrators and most particularly all her student-constituents. Judy Tipple, Trustee, Former Dixie School District


Mary Jane Burke is a champion for all students. She is strong, passionate and a true leader. Kristy Treewater, Principal, Miller Creek Middle School


Mary Jane has done the best for our students and our community and we are lucky she wants to keep working for us. Kenneth Wachtel, Former Mayor, Mill Valley


Mary Jane is upbeat and inspirational, while not afraid to tackle the real issues. She has an amazing ability to "get to yes." Michelle Walker, Principal, The Cove School


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